About Us

"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a bicycle and that is pretty close."

We are a family-friendly cycling group based in Edinburgh, aiming to encourage families to get out and enjoy cycling in our city.

Our rides are guided by trained Sustrans staff and volunteers, and are always short (under 10 miles), safe, and fun!

We meet once a month, usually on the third Saturday of the month and plan our rides to be accessible for all. Our rides are off-road as much as possible, making maximum use of greenways such as the National Cycle Network (NCN), canals, and shared-use paths. The terrain that we cover is similarly family-friendly, mainly being flat or with gentle gradients and over smooth surfaces. We are not a racing club, but instead take the rides at the pace of our slowest members - it is the experience, not the speed that we are interested in!

We like to make our rides fun for all and so we often plan stops at playgrounds, beaches, ice cream shops, and cafes to keep everyone motivated! If we can, we also incorporate other events such as the Power of Food Festival - where we visited community gardens around Edinburgh.

Looking forward, we also plan to run themed rides where children (and adults!) can learn about the history and environment of their city as they ride along.

Why we think that cycling is great:
  • Stay healthy, stay happy! - Cycling is a fun and free way to keep fit, reducing your risk of a whole host of health conditions. As such it is also beneficial for your mental health, helping people to reduce stress, feel good about themselves, and stay happy.

  • Save money, generate money! - Riding your bike is free, and has been shown to boost revenue for local businesses. Maintaining and fuelling a car is expensive, costing up to £273 per year before fuel, whereas legs are free. ;)

  • Save time! - Edinburgh is small, and with dedicated cycle paths and greenways crossing the city, it is often faster and easier to get from A to B by bicycle.

  • Park anywhere! - Don't worry about double yellow lines and parking wardens when you arrive at your destination.

  • Save the planet! - Zero emissions, and endlessly renewable. For every short journey made by bike, 2kg of carbon are saved.

  • Cycling is fun. - No explanation required.