Saturday 15th June - Victoria Park to the Power of Food Festival

For the 2019 Power of Food Festival we at Edinburgh Family Cycles are organising a guided bike ride from Victoria Park to two of the wonderful community gardens involved in this festival. We will be stopping at North Edinburgh Arts, and Granton: Hub community gardens where you can explore the gardens, learn more about these amazing projects, and grab a bite to eat of a coffee.

Timings: 10:00 - 15:00
Moving Time: 1h 45min
Start Point: Jac's Coffee, Victoria Park
End Point: Jac's Coffee, Victoria Park
Distance: 6.5 miles / 10.5 km
Difficulty: Suitable for all riders. Largely off-road on dedicated cycleways, and some quieter roads.

Sign up:
Please sign up to this event through our Eventbrite page. This helps to give us an idea of the numbers of people interested in our rides.

Route Details:
The ride will start and finish in Victoria Park at Jac's Coffee van. The group will meet at 10:00 and aim to set off by 10:30. From here we will follow the Ferry Road Path, a dedicated cycle path, until the junction with the West Granton Access Path. Here the group will leave the Ferry Road Path and use the toucan crossing to reach Ferry Road Avenue. They will then wind their way through some quiet streets before crossing Pennywell Road on foot at the zebra crossing and walking the short distance to North Edinburgh Arts. It is estimated that the group will arrive here at 11:00.

After stopping for 1 hour, the group will cross back over Pennywell Road at the zebra crossing, mounting their bikes again on West Pilton Rise. From here they will follow quiet roads past West Pilton Park until meeting West Granton Access. At this point the group will dismount and cross the road on foot to reach the segregated cycle path on the other side. They will follow the West Granton Access Cycleway north until dismounting at Granton Park Avenue North and proceding on foot to the Granton: Hub. The group should arrive here at approximately 12:25 and will break again for 1 hour before continuing.

The group will walk from Granton: Hub to West Granton Road where they will cross on foot and continue on the pavement until remounting their bikes at Granton Crescent. They will follow quiet roads south until rejoining the Ferry Road Path, walking for a short section between Pilton Avenue and East Pilton Farm Place. They will then follow the cycle path east until returning to Jac's Coffee van for 15:00.

  • Check that your bike is safe to ride before the event. While we will have some tools with us for fixing minor problems on the journey, we would like to get going quickly!
    • Brakes! Make sure that both your brakes are functioning well.
    • Gears! Check that your gears are changing easily.
    • Saddle! At a comfortable height to ride with.
  • Bring a picnic, or a few pennies for a snack or a coffee if it takes your fancy!

We appreciate that not everyone likes getting wet! If the weather is a factor that you would like to consider, you can follow the links below:

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at

We look forward to seeing you there!